Margaret MacLeodMargaret MacLeod is a singer of traditional Scottish songs in Gaelic, Scots and English. She was instrumental in the formation of the band Na h'Oganaich in 1971. This band has had a significant influence on Scottish folk music.

Read more about this band and Margaret MacLeod in Scottish Music Hall of Fame.

Margaret MacLeod was interviewed by ABC Tasmania in 2011. Here is the interview:


Publish date: Jan 2014

Elidh Munro Jan 2014 The following is a link to a radio interview at 2GLF with Eilidh Munro and Rod McInnes on 1st January, including live harp and singing performances from Eilidh.

To Play Recording

To play the recording click the triangle at the top of the panel.  If you like, you can click the opposing arrows on the right hand side of the bar to expand the player to full screen.  The interview starts at 24minutes 30 seconds.  To advance to this point, click the progress bar at the bottom of the player until the elapsed time (on the left hand side) reads this. 

Station: 2GLO, Liverpool, NSW.
Program: Celtic Corner (taking over the "Road Home" slot):
Announcer: Clem Rook and Interviewer: Dorothy

Eilidh plays live (starting times indicated by minutes: seconds) :

27:30 "The Dragon Blanket", her own composition, on the harp.

We hear a recording of Eilidh singing :
37:50 "Taladh Chriosda" (the Christ Child Lullaby), recorded in Morningside, Edinburgh, late 2013.

Eilidh sings live:
44:30 A puirt a beul set.  The first piece is:

Faca tu saor an t-sàbhaidh?
Faca tu sàbh an t-saoir?
Faca tu saor an t-sàbhaidh?
Saor an t-sàbhaidh, sàbh an t-saoir

Fhillidh fhillidh saor an t-sàbhaidh
Fhillidh fhillidh sàbh an t-saoir
Fhillidh fhillidh saor an t-sàbhaidh
Saor an t-sàbhaidh, sàbh an t-saoir' "
(translation at link above)"

Publish date: Jan 2014.

Catriona Parsons is the president of the Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia. She has been touring and giving workshops in Gaelic singing and language.

Rod McInnes and Catriona Parsons were interviewed on radio 2GLF on Wed 22 Jan 2014.

The web address for the station is

To listen to this interview:
Select On Demand
Select Music
Select Celtic Corner Wednesday 3-4pm (22nd January)
Click on the go triangle, and move the slider to suit. The relevant part of the program starts at 42mins.30secs into the first hour.
To get the final hour (ie. 4pm onwards) Select Next Hour towards bottom of screen on right hand side.


Publish date: Jan 2014.