Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta 2014

The Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta 2014 was held in Melbourne (28th November - 30th November) for the second time, at Glenn College, Latrobe University, Bundoora, where we also had our accommodation. It was very convenient to be staying in the same location as the classes. The meal at The Glenn Bistro on the Saturday night was very good, with an impressive haggis as an entree. As it happened we didn't have a piper this year, to pipe in the haggis, but the meal was enjoyable and everyone enjoyed the evening chatting around the table before moving on to the lecture room where we held our ceilidh.

The ceilidh as usual revealed many talented people, who presented skits, Scottish Country Dancing, readings of poetry and prayers, and performances on the fiddle and recorder.

Our teachers for the weekend of the Sgoil,Joan Mitchell, Ronald McCoy and Seonaidh MacFhraing had prepared some interesting and varied classes, with something for everyone, whatever their level of Gaelic learning. We did some singing, and practised conversation, which for many of us, is something which we don't often have the opportunity of doing.

Our attendees came from various areas around Melbourne, with others coming from Adelaide, Tasmania and New South Wales. This year, one of our pupils was only six years old, but already making impressive progress in the language.

As always, there were a great number of stimulating classes, conversation and activities, leaving people eager for more when the weekend was over. Our final activity was a 'twenty questions' competition, with the prize being a dictionary compiled by our teacher and committee member Seonaidh MacFhraing during his time as presenter of the Gaelic radio programme.

More photos can be seen in our photo gallery