Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta 2019 (Scottish Gaelic National Spring School)

Our Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta (National Spring School) will be held at the Nunyara Conference Centre Belair, South Australia, from Friday evening 15th November to Sunday afternoon17th of November.


Nunyara provides shared rooms and bathroom facilities, with linen provided. Meals are included. A small number of rooms may be allocated to a single person upon request.

Cost & Booking

The cost of tuition is $100 for a member of CGA, or $125 for a non member.

The small surcharge for non members gives you a year’s membership of CGA at a discount.





Full Rate

Full Rate







If you are unable to afford the fee, there is a single scholarship place available for one Gaelic learner and application can be made to the committee at our address below. Scholarships are also offered by the Gaelic Society of Victoria.

To book a place, please fill in the registration form and return it using one of the options on the bottom of the printed form.

Your form must be accompanied by either:

a cheque or money order (payable to Comunn Gaidhlig Astrailia) or

confirmation that you have made an electronic transfer of your payment to the Comunn Gàidhlig bank account:

Account name: Comunn Gaidhlig Astrailia
Bank: Westpac
Account number:

In the payment text field, please put the word ‘Sgoil’ and identify yourself clearly, eg ‘Sgoil R McInnes’.

For further information about any aspects of the Sgoil, please contact the committee at or Rod McInnes on 0404 822 314

Please return the completed form to:

Sgoil-Earraich Nàiseanta Comunn, Gàidhlig Astràilia
Scan and e-mail:
0280 808 149
PO Box A2259 Sydney South NSW 1235